Are Bulldogs A Good Fit For Families?

Bulldogs are a well known dog breed. This breed is loved all around the world. It’s no surprise that Bulldogs are a popular mascot choice. This fun, good natured breed of dog is fit for almost any scenario. They can entertain a stadium of sports fans. But, they’re just as happy sitting next to you on the couch.

In 1835 the Cruelty to Animals Act was passed. Prior to the passing of this act, the Bulldog was far from being seen as a “family dog”. The breed was actually used primarily to bait bull. But, sometimes they were also used to bait bears. The outcome for the Bulldog doing the baiting wasn’t always glorious. It wasn’t uncommon for a dog to be killed during this.

The Bulldog Temperament

The Bulldog isn’t the dog it was centuries ago. Now they are known to have “family dog” qualities. Their temperament matches everything you’d look for in a dog. Especially a dog you are thinking about adding to a family. If you’re looking for a fun companion look no further than the Bulldog.

One great quality that the breed has is that they don’t bark a lot. At the same time, Bulldogs are still considered to be an excellent protector. Barking isn’t always music to your ears. Especially if it’s considered excessive.

Bulldogs are also very easy going. They also, for the most part, don’t require rigorous exercise. Which is perfect when you’re ready to have a family movie night. Although it can’t be guaranteed that their snoring won’t interrupt the movie.

Overall you’ll find a Bulldog to be a laid back type of dog. This probably isn’t the breed to take with you hiking. Due to their short snouts, it’s common for them to get overheated fast. It’s also common for them to have breathing problems as well. As long as they aren’t doing their typical snoozing, they’re perfect partners for other activities. They love walks around the park, preferably when it’s cool outside. You may also be able to get them to enjoy a quick game of catch.

The Bulldog Temperament With Children

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for any breed to clash with children. Especially if they weren’t given a proper introduction. The most important thing to remember here is to educate your children about handling dogs. This should be done before you get any breed. Children are curious by nature. It’s our job to teach them the boundaries they should obey. Especially when it comes to handling pets.

You also need to inform your children of the warning signs of when a dog is agitated. But, also make sure to inform them that sometimes there may not be a warning sign. Make sure they are aware of specific body language a dog may give off. Body language warning signs such as raised hair on the back, tucking of the tail, or raised lips showing teeth. You should also allow them to become familiar with what growling and snarling sounds like, too.

Most of the time specific actions result in a dog that has became less than satisfied. Let your children know what kind of handling is okay. Plus, reinforce what behavior is not okay. Demonstrate the proper way to pet a dog. But, make sure that your children understand that pulling hair on a dog is not okay. Pulling on any part of a dog will end up possibly making a happy dog angry.

Discuss boundaries as well. Some dogs absolutely love up close and personal attention. But, even a dog who loves it can become aggravated from it. Children need to be informed that it isn’t okay to put their face close to a dog’s face. It’s crucial that they don’t poke the dog either. You should never approach a dog with an open hand. Especially a dog that is not familiar with you. The best way to approach a dog is with a closed fist.

Overall, the Bulldog does excellent with kids. But, when they are puppies they tend to be very high energy. They may not do well with younger children. As they grow older they usually lose their puppy playfulness. They become more laid back and calm natured.

Since Bulldogs are known to be stubborn there have to be rules set. It’s important that everyone in the family is on board with these rules. Although they love being your companion, this dog breed will try to slip one by you. It’s not just important that the whole family is aware of the set rules. Making sure that your family is consistent with these rules is also important. Consistency is key with the Bulldog. If you are in the Hudson Valley and are searching for an Invisible Fence Dealer Near Me, call today (845) 527-2554.



The Bulldog Temperament With Other Pets

If you already have other pets, you want to make sure that your Bulldog gets along with them. This is crucial if you already have more than one pet. If your pets have already formed a “pack” they may not be welcoming to a newcomer. You’ll want to make sure that there is peace for everyone.

Bulldogs do have an advantage to their laid back personality. They, for the most part, enjoy the company of other animals. Sometimes the breed may become aggressive to other dogs. This is very true if they aren’t familiar with the other dog. They are partial to smaller dogs and puppies. Since they are considered “protectors” they feel the need to protect anything smaller than them.

Although they are known to get along with other pets, it’s important to do introductions the right way. Regardless of the breed, you never want to just throw a dog with a dog they aren’t familiar with. In order to make sure everything goes smooth, you want to do a slow introduction. Sometimes it can take months before two unfamiliar dogs are comfortable with each other. In some cases you may need to reach out to a dog trainer. Calling in a professional can really make a world of difference when it comes to tough cases.

Bulldogs have two unfortunate traits. They tend to be stubborn and possessive. Before any introductions, make sure you move anything that may be considered a “possession” by either dog. This could be a favorite toy, treats, or even a bed. It doesn’t matter if another dog has claimed something. If a Bulldog sees it and wants it, they’ll probably go after it. Let’s face it, they have a little bit of a problem with sharing.

Adding a Bulldog To Your Family

Are you looking to add a laid back family member to your pack? If so, look no further than the Bulldog. This family friendly breed fits in almost anywhere. They do exceptionally well in large families. You may notice Bulldogs are reserved when it comes to an unfamiliar face. That isn’t quite the scenario when it comes to their family. Bulldogs are loyal to their “pack” and will protect it.

Remember though, don’t let that laid back attitude fool you. The bulldog is known to be quite stubborn. It’s important that your whole family is aware of all the rules. The whole family should also know that they must follow through. One slip in the rules and, on most occasions, Bulldogs all of a sudden think the rules no longer exist.

Even if you have to enlist a dog trainer, the breed is worth it. You can breathe easy again once they pass their rowdy Bulldog puppy stage. You’ll finally be able to enjoy the laid back, mellow dog you’ve always dreamt of. There’s no doubt about it. The Bulldog is perfect for almost any family.